About us

De Notekraker, a family company established in 1984, has grown into a renowned supplier
for the hotel and catering industry. In less then 10 years time De Notekraker has succeeded in acquiring an enviable position
in the hotel and catering sector. This position is further reinforced by responding to the market needs,
total quality control and close team building within the enterprise.

Growing with its customers, responding
to their needs!

Due to constant research in innovating tastes, De Notekraker can respond to the needs of your customer. De Notekraker searches for future trends and adjusts its offer accordingly. That way, De Notekraker helps you to take the lead on your competitors.

Permanent quality control ensures constant quality, starting with the reception of the raw materials up to and including the shipping of the finished products. Production takes place under the best possible hygienic circumstances (in accordance with the strictest eurostandards), resulting in top quality products.


Only the best fruits are selected, and have been extremely carefully inspected and selected in their countries of origin. In addition,De Notekraker gives its own touch, e.g. by creating original, alternative
snacks and tasteful combinations.

That is why De Notekraker guarantees a sophisticated range of snacks and Mediterranean specialties.

With De Notekraker, you can give your business a personal touch and an identity of its own.


Packaging is easy to use and the clever concept guarantees the preservation of quality and a long shelf life. Packaging takes place on fully automatic lines with volume pumps and additional inspection by means of scales.

Because of the strictest quality standards and the extreme sense for culinary creativity, De Notekraker can offer you top quality products. But De Notekraker has even more to offer: a name, clearly identifiable products and a well-supported image. De Notekraker always takes the lead and is considered to be a trendsetter within the sector.

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